Second floor
Accommodates the following :

Papyrus room

including special display for papyrus plant, "its cultivation and processing" which was considered the symbol of lower Egypt (DELTA).


Animal Hall

* Its displays petrified animals from the prehistoric period.
* Wild birds such as Ibis, falcon, ostrich, egyptian vulture, owl, quail, cranes, kite and eagle.
* Poultry especialy ducks, geese, chickens and pigeon.
* Goats, sheep, ancient wool and pigs.
* Cows and bull as well as two skeletons for the sacred Apis Bull, plus veterinary (medical care).
* Animals of transport such as, donkeys, camels and horses.
* Pets and domestic animals, mainly dogs, cats, monkeys (baboons) and animal caricature.
* Wild animal such as hyena, jackal, gazelles, ibex, addax, antilopes, deers and oryx.
* Insects, bees and their honey, reptiles and rodents.
* Integrated pest control
* Aquatics, including; fish implements, fish-Goddess "Hat-mehyt", shells, crocodiles, dolphins, hippopotamus, tortoises and turtles.



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