The Egyptian Agricultural Museum is unique among world museums of its sort for what it possesses of an integrated rare agricultural monumental group that narrates the story of ancient Egyptian agriculture development since pre-historic era up till the modern age, I.E., the nineteenth century A.D.

The Ancient Egyptian Agricultural Museum is devoted for the period from the pre-historic era to the end of the pharaonic era. Also, the display of its agricultural monuments conforms and coincides with the most advanced up-to-date means of illuminating, and modern display technology.

This ancient Egyptian and international human heritage throws the light on the agriculture, rural community, agro-industries and animal raising features in ancient Egypt. To add also this cultural pioneering leadership for all world countries, made Egypt reflects its good blesings, science and wisdom worldwide, as the particuliar heritage emphasizes the glory of its ideology, creation, innovation and firm determination, plus transferring a very true image to life style in Egypt during this period.

Thus, this museum will always reamain a significant clear mark and a shinning star in the heavens of history. Moreover, it is considereda great addition to the record of cultures and innovations.

Therefore, a special greeting is due to all the sincere persons who rendered every possible effort to make this particular and very successful work see the light and becomes a reality.

The General Supervisor of
Museums & Exhibitions & Chief researcher.