The entrance

Includes models for statues of some ancient kings who took care of Agriculture, irrigation and land reclamation.

The Gods Hall

Displaying statues and painting Gods of Agriculture namely, Osiris; God of Agriculture, vegetation, and resurrection, together with his wife Isis; Goddess Sekhet of fields; God Nepr of Cereals; God Hapy of Nile flood; God Thot of science, wisdom, astronomy and medicine; God Horus of space; Goddess Hathor of motherhood and beauty; Goddess Maat of truth, fairness and justice.
A display of preservation and mummification.

Goddess Hathor
Goddess Hathor

On the wall

There is a coloured painting for the celestial cow somewhat similar to that in tomb of King Seti the first at Luxor.
There are other objects such as, a coffin of plants for a child 3000 B.C. (older than that of Prophet's Moses) and a model statue for the farmer's wife.

Special Audio-visual room

Includes scenes of harvesting, threshing, Winnowing, grain-measuring, picking and pressing grapes, fowling birds, plucking geese as well as fishing.
This, in addition to a brief display for plant and animal objects in the museum.

Spirits House

For the spirit to have rest in when its wants to visit the mummy in the tomb.

Stone implements

Made of flint from the prehistoric era for hunting, agricultural and war purposes.

Dioramas Hall

Displays and explains operations of hunting, cultivation, agricultural industries and food processing, such as drying dates, wine and beer industries, a perfect integrated display for various tools and implements used by ancient farmer.

Harvesting scene
Harvesting scene

Pressing scene
Pressing scene

Ploughing scene
Ploughing scene

Fishing scene
Fishing scene


Objects in cases of different agricultural crops and their products,

including wheat, barley, sorghum, bread, cakes and pies as well as storage silos, legumes, oilseeds, flax with its spinning and weaving implements side by side with samples of linen textiles, together with different kinds of vegetables and fruits, medicinal plants, flowers espacially, "Lotus", the symbol of Upper Egypt, extracting perfumes and their God. In addition to a unique collection of necklaces & garlands, wood, baskets and sandals made of plants.


Exhibition for the Nile flood God

a very big mummy of a crocodile and a model of a kiosk for the ancient "Land Owner" to watch farmers while they were working on his fields.

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