Pre-agricultural times - 3 millions years  - 10.000 years

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The man from la Ferrassie (Homo sapiens neandertalensis)

The man from la Ferrassie
Cast taken from the original
La Ferrassie, Dordogne, France, dated approximately 35 000 years ago
Musée de Tautavel, Agropolis-Museum Collections
© Agropolis-Museum

The archeological site La Ferrassie in the French Dordogne region, is one of the most complete examples for collective burial places with regard to Homo sapiens neandertalensis.

This man is characterized by a long shaped skull but as compared to the Homo erectus from Tautavel he has lost the ape-like similarities.

Food for Homo sapiens neandertalensis (from 75 000 up to 35 000 years BP) was mostly provided by hunting, fishing and gathering, though he domesticated fire and ate cooked foods.

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