l'âge pré-agricole - 3 millions years  - 10.000 years

urne en argile cuite
Urn with
geometric drawings

Jarre en argile cuite
Jar decorated
with cords

Pots and containers
Pottery, pottages (thick soups) stews, pot-au-feu
(french soup with meat and vegetables simmered with garnishing)

Man as a hunter/gatherer needed containers (def) to collect, transport, preserve, cook and eat...  The first containers used to be sea-shells, tortoise shells, tree bark...

The earthen pot (made of baked clay), a waterproof container which can be put on a fire-place (hearth) was a major invention. Pottery artefacts are of great scientific value because they can identify and characterize archeological cultures.

With the development of agriculture, pottery took on a great importance. However, the first farmers still used stone containers (cf.: J. Guilaine).

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