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Beginning and development
of the agro-food industry

The double revolution in agriculture and industry, which occurred in England in the 18th century, laid the foundation for the development of the agro-food industry, and completely changed the conditions for agriculture and food-production.

Publicité Royalpac SimonThe agro-food industry (def.) replaced agriculture first in the transformation of agricultural foods (for example : substitution of industrial butter for farmer-produced butter; more recently, it allowed the replacement of homemade foods with ready-made food products (def.) ( food ready to cook, food, pre-cooked, ready to eat or to heat in microwave ovens). The wide development of restaurants and fast-food outlets led to further industrialization in the food production line, and to changes in the cooking equipment used in homes. 

At the agro-industrial food system stage, agriculture remains the irreplaceable basis for food production.  An industrial and commercial superstructure is built on this base. This superstructure ultimately commands a much larger share than agriculture in the food expenses of the consumer (def.).


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