l'âge pré-agricole - 3 million years  - 10 000 years

L'homme de Tautavel
The man from Tautavel

L'homme de la Ferrassie
The man from la Ferrassie

L'homme de Cro-Magnon
The man from Cro-Magnon

Homme actuel
The man from nowadays

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Man as a predator
(hunting, gathering, fishing)

Lucy, discovered in eastern Ethiopia, lived more than 3 million years ago. She belongs to pre-humanity. The first European human beings came later on, as it is the case for our famous neighbour, the man from Tautavel (approximately 400 000 years ago).

Our direct ancestor, similar in all points to us, Homo sapiens sapiens, lived 40 000 years ago. All these humans lived on wild food plants taken from their natural environment. They hunted, gathered food plants, fished, and made tools and instruments adapted to these activities, the acquisition tools (def). They prospected for food plant species and set up the first food complexes (def)

The search for food played a major role in the bio-cultural evolution of man.

Hunting big game contributed to shaping mankind's social organisation; cooking brought together people around the fire and thus food consumption became a community feature.


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