Agricultural times - 10.000 years  19th century

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Geographical areas for early agriculture (1)Geographical areas for early agriculture (2)Geographical areas for early agriculture (3)
Meso-America : maïze, bean, avocado, tomato, vanilla, cocoa

South America : tobacco, groundnut, potato, cotton, tomato, pine-aple, pimienta, Cassava, rubber-tree

Middle East : oat, wheat, peas, lentil, flax, olive-tree, vine, fig-tree, date palm-tree

Central Africa : mil, sorghum, yam, coffee, oil palm-tree

Western China : mil, soya, tea

South-East Asia, Southern Pacific : rice, banana, sugar cane, orange tree, egg plant, coconut tree, pepper

Due to the French botanist de Candolle (19th century), the Russian agronomer and genetician Vavilov (20th century), and more recently the American agronomer Harlan, we are now able to locate the six major areas where first started agriculture.

According to Harlan, these different areas are not of the same importance. Three « centers » have mostly contributed to the propagation of agriculture around the world : the Middle-east, China and Meso-America..

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