What is a food consumption model ?



The case of France
Graphs show food consumption models evaluated into calories (estimations are given by relative numbers (  i.e. average western European consumption = 100).

Graphs is an easy way to represent food consumption. Thus the World consumption is characterized by a high relative percentage of cereal consumption (slow digested sugars) as well as pulses ( vegetable proteins) whereas the French model is characterized by a high relative percentage of cattle products (animal fat, meat and eggs, dairy products, fish and sea-food).

One can see that the main vegetable consumption products are located on the right side of the graph when the main animal consumption products are on the left side (which makes it easy to read and to compare with other graphs).


The consumption models represented in the Banquet de líHumanité
are the following :

Three poor countries : Bangladesh, Rwanda, Somalia.

Three average countries : Argentina, Colombia, Portugal.

Two rich countries : Japan, France.

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