Distribution of the main fish and sea food productions (2000)
(mio. T)
Production (%)
Africa 7 5,6
North América 8 6,4
South América 17 13,6
Asia 74 59,2
Europe 18 14,4
Australasia 1 0,8
World 125 100
 Sources: FAO (2000)   

World fish and sea-food consumption kg/head/year (2000)
Africa 8,4
North América 17,1
South América 8,3
Asia 17,2
Europe 20,5
Australasia 22,4
World 16
 Sources: FAO (2000)   

Are sea products inexhaustible ?

Since 1950, the number of fish caught has been multiplied by five, an increase that demonstrates the importance of the fleet and the improvement of the fishing techniques.

Of 25 000 known fish species, some 1000 only are being consumed of which one dozen only are important.

Sea products increasingly contribute to the world supply of animal proteins but their consumption is very unequally distributed.

Industrialized countries consume about twice as much fish as developing countries.

The world consumption represents on average 16 kg per head and year, the champions on record being the Icelanders who consume 90 kg fish/year, Africans by contrast only 8 kg.

The world consumption of sea-fish and -food is four times higher than that of fresh water fish.

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