Saturated fats - Butter, beef fat, lard
Saturated fatty acids are abundant in animal fats,
especially among ruminants, and in dairy products.

Mono-unsaturated fats - Olive, Groundnut, Rapeseed
Mono-unsaturated fatty acids are abundant especially in certain vegetal oils but also among certain ruminant animals.

Poly-unsaturated fats - Soyaban
Two unsaturated fatty acids are said to be "essential", as they are necessary to life. They are provided mainly by vegetal oils.
Other poly-unsaturated fatty acids are provided mainly by fish rich in fat and by low-fat meat.

In the graphs, nutritional constitution
is given in % of major "visible" fats

Sources: GRIGNAC P. (Agro. High school, Montpellier)
following Oil Crops (2000)


Do not be prejudiced: fats are indispensable, only excess is to be banned

Lipids are visible and consumed directly, as in the case of butter, ore invisible as in the case of meat. Most of the nutrients we consume contain more or less lipids. Hidden lipids exist in meat, fish, cheese, eggs, etc. Two-thirds of the lipids we consume are hidden.

The so-called essential fatty acids are indispensable to brain functioning and to tissue regeneration. They will control cholesterol rate and prevent accidents such as angina and heart attack.
We should therefore follow the advice of nutrition specialists when they remind us that the proper nutritional balance is one-third for each of the three fatty acid types (poly-unsaturated, mono-unsaturated and saturated).


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