Cereals have been used by mankind for thousands of years, since the very start of agriculture.

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Present on every continent, the cereals are the daily staple food of billions of human beings.

The main cereals are wheat, rice and corn, along with many so-called secondary cereals.

Cereals are not being used for human consumption only ; small farmers and industrial breeding of pigs and poultry indeed also consume more and more grain.

After a slow development over the centuries, this production has now been considerably increased.

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The main nutritional function of the cereals is to supply carbohydrates. They therefore have to be complemented by protein-rich food products.

Cereals may be eaten in various ways : roasted, as soup, pancake, pasta, bread, raised, or not, etc. and many other forms according to countries and habits.

Raised bread made with yeast is full of symbols in many countries around the world.
Every supermarket offers cereals processed by the food industry including toasts, pasta, biscuits, breakfast cereals, etc.

In industrialized countries, the consumption of cereals per head tends to decrease. At the beginning of the 19 th century, the saying in France was ‘to earn one’s bread’, whereas nowadays it rather is ‘to earn one’s beefsteak’.